Aim for the upper body in a video conference

It’s been almost a month since I got home, but it’s no longer a light prison if I can’t go out at all every day.

In addition, there are six-year-old girls who are making a loud noise all day because they have too much physical strength, and a monster-like boy who walks with a senseless voice and walks with out of sense, and it is quite painful to spend time in the house every day from morning to night with them.

Sure, it’s easy to understand that moms with children get stressed out if this situation continues without a day off. That’s a little bit good, so you’ll want your own time.

Especially in the morning and evening, every day is at war, and my frustration is at its peak, so I feel like passing meetings during the morning and evening hours if I can.

I want to improve the work environment of the house even a little so as not to bring such a irritation to work as much as possible, but there is no way that there should be a comfortable study for a father who has two children in an apartment in Tokyo. My work desk is on the keyboard of an electronic piano, and the chair is a drum chair of DW. This is not to say that the hobby is a state which doubles as work.

Still, “insect entering from the shape” begins to make a fuss in me, and i buy telework goods that I do not think i need so much on Amazon every day.

First of all, it is a picture. Because the expression full of the irritatefeeling was emphasized extra when the complexion reflected in the video conference was bad, i set a bright desk light which was in the house on the piano and lit up the face, and suzuki was excellent in the whitening effect, and it was considerably good. The lighting is good in this. However, when this happened, I wanted a web camera with better video quality than a internal camera on a personal computer. I’m currently wondering if I’ll buy logitech’s C922n.

Then Mike. In the video conference, he spoke louder than necessary to his computer, and a family complaint was received, saying, “There is a loud voice all over the house.” He added, “I don’t think the attitude is great. It is a settlement that is done even to extra mouth. In the first place, the sound quality of the conversation was bad or the noise was entered, and the other party of the call said, “It is difficult to hear a voice a little”, so we decided to introduce a single directional capacitor microphone to aim at noise removal and sound quality improvement. I also thought about Pin Mike, but i decided to buy the FIFINE K670, which was reputed to be outstanding cospa based on youtuber comparison reviews.

And the speakers. I bought an earphone with a microphone at the same time as the remote work started, but for me it’s not comfortable to be able to block my ears with a headset or earphones. And, it is one of the factors which feel the stress extra though the feeling of obstruction is not half-hearted even if it is not so. However, the speaker for the personal computer became obstructive and had just thrown it away by the cleaning at the end of last year. So, I decided to use the old DENON speaker that I had been neglecting for a long time for the audio output of the pc. Old AV devices canno be used with the flow of the times, but only the speakers, which are the only contacts with the analog world, should be able to be used independently of the times.

So, this was also a Bluetooth-enabled mini amp that was well known in Youtuber reviews “ELEGIANT F900S”, and decided to buy a set of excellent banana plugs to connect the cable smartly. However, it’s obviously too much to use this speaker for video conferencing audio output, and that’s a waste of money.

Finally a video conference background image. The company’s design team created a cool video conference background image with the company’s logo. It’s also a lot of opportunities to meet with people outside the company in video conferencing, and it’s much cooler than being against a backdrop of landscape photography that you don’t know well about. No one thinks that this place is on the piano which is hanging out the laundry.

Anyway, I think that it is unavoidable than spending the period of going out self-imposed refrain, but because this state is considerably painful to prolong, i have no choice but to prepare my environment so that i can reduce the stress even a little.

Next, I want a display that fits the size of the piano secretly, but if I occupy the piano for a long period of time in this way, I fear that the eviction movement will break out in the home.

I want to buy a replacement because it has been five years since pc was bought to begin with, and the line is waiting for construction to switch to NURO light, and then network equipment also has to correspond to Wifi6 …

This is likely to continue with unexpected expenses, and it is necessary to apply for a home telework grant, but in order to be approved for a subsidy, it is likely to be necessary to submit evidence to Kamisan to prove that the goods to be purchased are essential for work at home.

Maekawa @ Dream Arts

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