I left the Android smartphone somewhere!? – Why can’t I ask you now?

If you’ve misplaced your Android device somewhere or lost it, you can easily locate it by using the Find Your Device app, which is distributed on Google Play. However, you need to be prepared to use this app.

To find out where your Lost Android device is currently located, the android device must be powered on and signed in with your Google account and can communicate via mobile or Wi-Fi. In addition, you must turn on your target device at https://play.google.com/settings, and turn on the Find Device switch in the Settings app.

Once you’ve done that, you can find out where your Android device is in the Find Your Device app. In addition to checking your current location, you can also prevent further damage by sounding a warning sound, protecting your device (locking it up and displaying messages and contact phone numbers on the screen) and erasing device data (completely erasing your device’s data to prevent personal information from being leaked).

If you can’t use the “Find your device” app without android devices at hand, you can also look it up on your computer or other smartphone. Web browser instead of the app, of course check the current location, you can perform device protection and erase of the device data. You can access “https://android.com/find” in your web browser and sign in with a Google account linked to your device to interact with a screen similar to the Find Your Device app.

However, if you have a microSD card inserted into your Android device, your personal information may be leaked from the photos and files you store there. If you can’t find it, don’t forget it because you’ll need to report it to your mobile operator.

To find android devices, you need to be prepared