iPhone Basics “Junior” 396th Immediate Print from iPhone Without PC – How to use AirPrint

There are more and more opportunities to output PDFs distributed online, such as mask patterns, learning materials, and paper craft for home play. If you have a printer connected to your home Wi-Fi, you can print directly from your iPhone without using a computer.
To print directly from your iPhone

The iPhone has an “AirPrint” function that sends print data to the printer over a wireless LAN. Two conditions are required to print with this feature:
– The printer supports AirPrint
– That the iPhone and printer are connected to the same wifi

Refer to the documentation manual and manufacturer’s support information for how to connect the printer to a wireless LAN.
How to print open PDF in Safari

If you open a PDF distributed on the website in Safari, you can print it as is without saving it to your device.

Open the PDF you want to print in Safari and tap the share button → select “Print”

Tap Select Printer and select your home printer → Tap Options if you have a number of prints or a print range.

Tap Print → Data is sent to the printer and printing begins

How to print multiple photos

You can print multiple photos stored in Photos together.

Open “Photos”, select the photo you want to print (or s) and tap the share button → Select “Print”

Select the printer as before. If there is a specification of the number of copies, change the method of choosing the paper depends on the printer. In the case of this model, i set it on the printer side.

Tap Print → Print ing begins

If you don’t have an AirPrint-enabled printer

If you don’t have a printer at home, or if you don’t have an AirPrint-enabled model, it’s a good idea to use the app to print on a multi-copy machine at a convenience store. You don’t need to register as a member, and you’ll find a type of app that connects to a multi-copy machine network on the fly and prints.

However, it takes a little time to connect to Wi-Fi for transfer. It is faster to print files with them on usb memory or SD cards.

Seven-Eleven Multicopy for Seven-Eleven

Select “Wireless Wi-Fi” in the panel of the multi-copy machine

Opened seven-eleven multi-copy app for seven-eleven multi-copy machine and connected it to Wi-Fi of the multi-copy machine. Select a file to transfer

This is what appears when the copier receives the file. Follow the guide to set up the print

“PrintSmash” for Family Mart/Lawson/Seiko Mart

Select “Smartphone” in the multi-copy panel

Open PrintSmash for multi-copy machines such as Family Mart and Lawson, select files → Connect to Wi-Fi and enter the password that appears in the copier panel

This is what appears when the copier receives the file. Follow the guide to set up the print