iPhone SE review sought to make Apple’s aim for intense bottom-up

Now that i’m on my own, it’s quite difficult to review my smartphone. The reason is that various activities such as commuting, going to school, work on the destination, and meetings are limited in daily life, and the day is filled by working from home without moving.

To put it simply the development of smartphones so far, it is a tool of “informationization for people who move”. In Japan, mobile phones have spread as a tool for young people and have shifted to smartphones. In the United States, desktop Internet access has shifted to smartphones. It has become the first information tool available to individuals in developing countries.

As a result, people all over the world have come to use the same smartphone, although the circumstances are different.

However, what is the difference in the background of the smartphone? It gives birth to a difference. In developed countries, the high-value-added iPhone will maintain a share of the value-added iPhone, especially in the United States, Japan, and the United Kingdom. But in other countries, Android is overwhelmingly dominant, because there are plenty of price variations.

In Japan, iPhone boasts an overwhelming share of young people, including students.

For example, in the Indian market, where Apple is struggling, the $100-$200 Android smartphone is the focus. The iPhone SE may be exceptionally cheap for the iPhone, but it’s only seen as a smartphone that’s two to four times the price in India.

Moreover, considering that there are fewer android smaller things on the iPhone than the other side, it may be a natural result.
What is the appeal of the new iPhone SE?

The iPhone SE is a smartphone with the brains of the iPhone 11 in the body of the iPhone 8.

New iPhone SE that appeared in late April

Strictly speaking, the front glass has been changed, and the 3D Touch inside it is also omitted, not exactly the same body as the iPhone 8. It’s just not a mistake to call the iPhone 8 an upgraded version, including the number of cameras and screen size. Accessories such as cases and chargers can also be used as is.

Slim body is basically the same as the iPhone 8

No headphone terminals

The biggest attraction of this smartphone is the price. From $399 in the U.S., and the price from 44,800 yen excluding tax in Japan, considering the discount of the carrier, elementary school students who want to use the smartphone for a long time for the first time, even in large quantities introduction by companies, iPhone users will also fit when you need a subline.

The iPhone SE has a design appeal that wasn’t there when the iPhone 8 was introduced. It’s small and light. The 4.7-inch display is larger than the original iPhone SE, but is the smallest in the current line-up.

Since the 5.8-inch iPhone X, iPhone X has been supposed to hold both hands, so i’ve been choosing a larger model and a 6.5-inch size model. The gap when it returns to 4.7 inches from there is very large.

You can hold the terminal with one hand, and you can feel that the burden on the wrist is clearly reduced. And, like many men, when you put your smartphone in your pants pocket, it’s comfortable to put it in.
Middle range bottoming up will help improve iPhone advantage

For those of you who have this impression, however, it remains to be raised whether the iPhone SE is really a marketing target.

The iPhone SE will be powered by the latest iOS 13, but it’s different from devices that have moved to full gestures, such as the iPhone 11 with a TrueDepth camera. Return to home with the Home button, and swipe up from the bottom to the Control Center.

Indeed, Touch ID that can fingerprint authentication by pressing the finger against the home button, face face is covered with a mask may be useful in the present time face ID is not working as you want, operation other than unlock is inconvenient and inefficient.

On the other hand, for users who have used the iPhone SE’s second-generation target, the 4-inch, or 4.7-inch “home button” iPhone, which is the same as the iPhone SE, there’s nothing wrong with that. On top of that, it brings these users a “great performance” and a “camera experience that has grown dramatically in the last few years” while keeping costs down.

For those using the old iPhone SE and iPhone 6/7/8 generations of older iPhones, the new iPhone SE brings a significant performance boost as it is used.

The a13 Bionic iPhone SE 2nd generation is basically the iPhone 11, which has the same processing performance as the Pro series. However, the main memory has been reduced from 4GB to 3GB, so it’s better not to see it performing exactly the same.

You can edit the 4K/60fps video on iMovie, or play an Apple Arcade game, iPhone 11 Pro Max iPhone SE as it is iPhone SE, but iphone se was not felt a big difference except that the screen is small.

It may be a negative assessment, but it’s a good idea to think on the platform of the entire iPhone what the high-end smartphone experience is worth being able to achieve with middle-range smartphones that are less than half the price.

In other words, the transfer from the iPhone SE first generation and iPhone 6 to the second generation of the iPhone SE, the processing performance is greatly improved throughout the platform of the iPhone. If you switch from the iPhone 6 to the second generation of the iPhone SE, the performance will be four times higher and the graphics will reach ten times.

In addition, the communication speed, which is the main share of smartphones, such as 6.5 x faster mobile communication with Gigabit LTE, and Wi-Fi, which is 2.7 times faster, can be expected to significantly speed up. In addition, utility properties such as waterproofing and wireless charging are also increased.

These improvements will allow developers who make apps and games on the premise of the iPhone to safely introduce advanced apps that require more performance, such as AR and machine learning. As a result, new apps will be added to the iPhone platform, maintaining the platform’s dominance.

If you evaluate the iPhone SE itself, it’s a cost-effective middle-range model that delivers the latest performance at a low price. However, the second generation of the iPhone SE will continue to be sold for the next three years, if it follows the way it was sold.

That’s why it’s equipped with the latest A13 Bionic chip, but on the flip side, Apple won’t make a smartphone with performance below the iPhone SE in the future, and iPhones below this price won’t even appear in developed countries, at least in developed countries. (continued)

Author : Taro Matsumura

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