【Let’s enjoy at home in GW】Learn popular programming languages with parents and children

This year’s Golden Week requires people to have a good time at home without traveling or going home. So i want to refer to the Golden Week feature that Apple started posting daily in the “Today” tab of the App Store. Every day, we introduce excellent content that is carefully selected by the person in charge according to a certain theme.

The theme of The Day of The Moon is “Let’s learn something new” It introduces the application to acquire various skills such as language, musical instruments, and programming at home.

On May 3, the theme of the Today tab is “Let’s learn new things.” I want to make the most of the time i usually don’t get, so I want to make use of it for language and programming learning.

If you want to try with your child while you are in GW, we recommend programming. Among them, “Progate – Fun Programming Learning App” is a point where you can learn while actually writing a simple program. It covers everything from HTML and CSS to popular Python, allowing you to learn practically. Even if your parents are not familiar with programming, you can learn together.

“Progate – Fun Learning Programming Learning App” menu screen. It’s fun to learn popular programming languages like Python

Learning while actually writing a simple program makes it easier to get into your head unlike learning one of them.