[Let’s enjoy at home in GW]apps to help make children’s habits, such as brushing teeth

This year’s Golden Week requires people to have a good time at home without traveling or going home. So i want to refer to the Golden Week feature that Apple started posting daily in the “Today” tab of the App Store. Every day, we introduce excellent content that is carefully selected by the person in charge according to a certain theme.

The theme of The Day of The Moon is “Making Habits for Children.” Gw, where parents and children spend more time together, introduces a number of useful apps to help children develop a solid lifestyle.

On May 4, the theme of the Today tab is “Making Children’s Habits.” There are a lot of apps to help you develop healthy habits

One of the most recommended is “Hayami Brave”, which quickly turns into a game where brushing your teeth is fun. When you take a picture of the brush brush with the front camera of the iPhone, the movement of the toothbrush is recognized, the mechanism that can defeat the monster that appears every time you brush the teeth. There is no need to work such as troublesome registration, and it is attractive to be able to prepare quickly. It’s hard to get into the habit of brushing teeth… If you are worried about this app, why not try to take the help of this app?

The start screen of “The Brave” When you start the app, this start screen appears quickly and you can start immediately.

Recognize the movement of the person’s face and toothbrush, and brush your teeth to damage the enemy. Children who get their teeth brushed quickly will brush their teeth well.