Operate your iPhone with a mouse/trackpad

The iPhone is the one that it touches the display with the finger and operates it. Certainly, the touch display and iPhone is inseparable relationship, there are people who can not touch the screen for some reason. In addition to physical disabilities, if you drop the iPhone, the display surface is shattered and can not be touched, such as, there is also a case.

In such cases, you have the option of using a mouse or trackpad. In iOS 13, we’ve added support for mouse trackpads as one of the accessibility features. You can also use a USB mouse with a conversion adapter, but bluetooth mouse without a cable is easier to handle and it can be said that it is for the iPhone.

To use a Bluetooth mouse, you must first pair it. However, the location of pairing with earphones and speakers is different, and the screen is a collection of accessibility-related features in the Settings app. The function is part of “Assistive Touch” (an auxiliary function that replaces the tap other than the finger), and the pairing and button settings are performed in the management screen.

To do this, open the screen in settings → accessibility → touch → Assistive Touch, and turn on the “Assistive Touch” switch. Tap “Device” in the middle of the same screen, tap Bluetooth device…, and then put the Bluetooth mouse into pairing mode to detect the mouse.

When pairing is complete, a round mouse pointer appears on the display of the iPhone and moves to match the mouse. You can change the features assigned to the buttons, so why not customize them to make them easier to use?
Easy explanation of operating procedures

1 Open the screen in Settings → Accessibility > Touch

2 Tap Devices on the Assistive Touch screen

3 Tap Bluetooth device… and then put the Bluetooth mouse into pairing mode. When the name of the mouse appears, tap to complete the pairing.

4 A pointer appears on the screen, allowing you to interact with the Bluetooth mouse.