I deleted a photo from my iPhone, but the free space doesn’t recover!? And when ace

Speaking of the use of the iPhone, the phone app, and the camera. The convenience of being able to shoot at any time and the high image quality by improving the performance of the image sensor lens have won the support of the end user, and now it is not possible to talk about the iPhone without the camera.

On the other hand, the increased frequency of camera use has accelerated the lack of space in internal storage. The camera of the iPhone a few generations ago, but did not consume even 1 megabyte per photo, the current iPhone 11 series that increased the number of pixels to 12 million, 2 mega per piece, 3 mega photos of the course of course, it consumes hundreds of mega per day if fired. It is not uncommon to talk about the ran out of storage in the months since iPhone was bought.

The only way to recover the built-in storage space is to delete the photos on your iPhone. If you don’t want to delete a photo, suck up the photo with a computer or a cloud service such as iCloud Photos, and then use the iPhone’s Photos app to delete it.

However, deleting a photo in the Photos app won’t immediately restore storage space. The deleted photos are moved to the Trash and are actually deleted after 30 days. This is a mechanism to make the operation unrevocable, but on the other hand, if you don’t wait 30 days, it won’t be permanently deleted and the storage space won’t recover.

Can’t wait there, if you want to recover the storage space in a hurry, open the screen in the order of “Settings” → “General” → “iPhone Storage”, and tap the delete button of “Recently deleted items ” album”. It’s easier to understand than doing the same in the Camera app, and you can quickly delete photos completely, and you’ll quickly recover storage space.
Easy explanation of operating procedures

1 Photos deleted in the Photos app will be stored in the “Recently Deleted Items” Album for 30 days

2 Open the screen after Settings → General → iPhone Storage

3 Tap the delete button for “Recently Deleted Items” Album

4 Tap “Remove from this iPhone” to remove the deleted photo immediately