[Let’s enjoy at home in GW]safe and excellent app that parents can play together with a young child

This year’s Golden Week requires people to have a good time at home without traveling or going home. So i want to refer to the Golden Week feature that Apple started posting daily in the “Today” tab of the App Store. Every day, we introduce excellent content that is carefully selected by the person in charge according to a certain theme.

On May 5th, the theme of the Today tab is “Let’s have fun.” It introduces the app that the infant can enjoy by giving the iPhone and iPad with peace of mind.

The theme of The Day of The Moon is “Let’s have fun.” For children from infants to lower grades of elementary school, we introduce an app that can be fun to play with picture books and videos.

NhK Kids is a particularly recommended one. E-tele is trusted by parents to have a large number of children’s programs with excellent content, but we have selected the images of one corner that are broadcast on popular programs such as “Mom and I”, “Pythagorea Switch”, “Design A”, and “Why?Program”. It has a standard time limiting feature for the app, and it’s nice to be able to choose in 10-60 minutes.

“NHK Kids” contains a lot of images of popular programs of E-Tele, which has a lot of fans as adults. When you enter a child’s age, there is also the ability to display content that is suitable for that age.

It is also thankful to be equipped with a simple parental control function that the display ends after a specified time