Can you get back from the big screen? I tried to use the second generation iPhone SE for a week

It is said to go out is the successor of the iPhone SE that has been shoulder watermark for a long time. It was finally released this April. Not to mention those who had stepped on the model change in recent years high price, for those who were troubled by the weakness of Face ID in the life of mask essential, I think it has become a model to ride on the occasion of the transfer examination.

However, can you get used to the big screen once and get back to the small size? I tried the iPhone 11 Pro for about a week.
Review of the second generation iPhone SE

The body is 8, the contents are 11,” the second generation SE is said to be 11. Let’s actually compare the specs with the 8/11 Pro.

The body is exactly the same as 8, the chip is the same as the 11. Camera performance is a spec close to XR (described below)

By the way, according to the person who continued to use the first SE and finally changed the model to the second generation SE, “it is bigger than the first generation but it fits unexpectedly even if i put it in a pocket”, “The photograph taken in the room at night is clear, and it is obviously different”. Needless to say, we only recommend it to the first SE user.
The screen size gets used to unexpectedly even if it becomes small.

The body size of the second generation iPhone SE and iPhone 11 Pro is not so different at first glance. however, there is a big difference in the screen size.

The body size is not so different at first glance, but if you look at the screen, you can clearly see the difference.

The difference in thickness of 1mm is where the difference comes out more than the number when i have it. The difference in weight is about 40g, 500 yen ball is about 6 pieces

It is such a feeling when I hold it in a hand. I feel the difference of the burden on the finger to support it when I operate it.

It’s hard to get back to a small screen from a big screen, as it’s said that once you live in a large room you can’t go back to a small room. I was concerned about that, this is now able to use without discomfort in two to three days surprisingly.

There is a difference in the amount of information that can be displayed on one screen, such as a browser or email.

Of course, the larger one is easy to see and there is a lot of information, but there is no trouble in the operation side. If you don’t have to stick to the big screen for game and video viewing, 4.7 inches is still active. Rather, it is an impression that can be said that it is an easy size for me to handle.

Above all, Touch ID, which can be unlocked even with a mask, is a technology that is happy to be restored against the backdrop of this era. Every time you try to open an app or watch a little notification, face ID error → passcode input is a good thing to be released from the hassle.

Face ID that cannot be used while wearing a mask. It may take a lot of time to display Apple Pay and coupons in front of the cash register.

The operation acquired than the screen size is a hindrance.

It is the difference of the operability that became unexpectedly a big hurdle. The embarrassment i felt when the first home button was lost on the iPhone X, this time i will experience from the opposite. Of course, back home, Apple Pay and Siri launch, screenshots, etc., because I forgot to use the home button across the board, i was quite puzzled.

And i was also annoyed by other small usability differences than the home button.

In the Face ID model, flick up from the bottom to return to home. If you do this in SE, the control center will be out.

If you flick down from the top right to get out of the control center, there’s a notification center

When i try to take a screenshot, press the side button and volume up and nothing happens.

When you press and hold the side button to call Siri, the power-off screen

In addition, it is an app switcher to have caught. SE presses the home button twice to open the app switcher and switches the app. However, in the Face ID model, you can switch between the apps you used before and after simply swiping left or right from the black bar at the bottom of the screen. App switcher function can also be used, but this is faster and more convenient. This is a common operation with the iPad, I noticed that it was stained with fairly daily operation.

Switch apps by swipe faster than app switchers

Neither the screen size nor the app’s operating speed, there is no part where SE is particularly inferior within the range you normally use. However, for casual operation of everyday, it seems to be necessary to get used to it by the time it returns to the old usage.

Now, let’s compare the camera performance that is worrisome at the end.