[Let’s enjoy at home in GW]album app that can share photos in iPhone to parents of parents

This year’s Golden Week requires people to have a good time at home without traveling or going home. So i want to refer to the Golden Week feature that Apple started posting daily in the “Today” tab of the App Store. Every day, we introduce excellent content that is carefully selected by the person in charge according to a certain theme.

The theme of The Day of The Moon is “Connectwith Important People.” We introduce an app that lets you tell the latest news by the photograph to an important person who lives apart, such as the family and the lover of the parents’ family, and to convey the feeling of gratitude to the person who lives together.

On May 6, the theme of the Today tab is “Connect with important people.” Introducing apps that allow you to take care of your connections through photos

One of the most recommended is Mixi’s Family Album. With an album app that allows you to upload unlimited photos and videos in your iPhone, you can browse smoothly with a list view or enlarged view.

“Take a look at the family album.” The operation is light to the whole, and the convenience as an album app is good, such as you can upload unlimited photos and videos

The feature of the album created is the publish function, and it is open only to the person who invited it such as the family of the parents’ house. You can freely add comments to your photos and communicate a little. You can also make sure that you don’t publish your private photos, so you can use them with peace of mind.

It’s easy to publish albums to your family. It is convenient to put a comment

Golden Week, it can be said that it is the perfect app to tell the state of the time spent at home and the neighborhood together.