[Let’s enjoy at home in GW]app that can procure and cook seasonal ingredients at home

This year’s Golden Week requires people to have a good time at home without traveling or going home. So i want to refer to the Golden Week feature that Apple started posting daily in the “Today” tab of the App Store. Every day, we introduce excellent content that is carefully selected by the person in charge according to a certain theme.

The theme of The Day of The Moon is “Cooking at Home”. It’s a good idea to try your first recipe at this time of year when you can get a variety of seasonal ingredients, such as bamboo shoots. So i want to refer to the app that can order looking for fresh ingredients from all over the world, and an app that can see a variety of recipes. From food procurement to cooking, you can do everything with an iPhone.

On May 7, the theme of the Today tab is “Cooking at Home.” We introduce a lot of apps that can procure and cook seasonal ingredients at home.

I want to refer to the recipe selection, iPhone app supervised by cooking researcher Yoshiharu Doi “Doi Zenharu’s Japanese – introducing the seasonal menu in the recipe video”. It is an application that explains the dish using seasonal ingredients in the video, but Mr. Doi is going to continue cooking while chatting with a good tempo, and the point is that it is finished in the video full of humanity. I don’t do any extreme edits for short-term purposes, and I feel comfortable enjoying it loosely as if I were attending a cooking class.

“Yoshiharu Doi’s Japanese Food – Seasonal Menu is introduced in the recipe video”. Dr. Doi introduces recipes focusing on seasonal ingredients in a video.

The video which explains how to cook with mr. Doi’s chatter is good to enjoy relaxing without cooking.