Can you charge your Android device with the AC adapter that comes with the Switch? – Why can’t I ask you now?

The Nintendo Switch uses type-C as a terminal for charging and external device connections. So the included charging AC adapter also has a Type-C terminal, but if you can use it on android devices Yes, you can use it, but there are several conditions.

The SWITCH-supplied AC adapter supports two outputs: 5V/1.5A and 15V/2.6A. Switch has three play modes (TV/table/mobile), each mode is automatically selected with the appropriate output, but that’s not the case when you connect to a device other than switch.

In addition, the AC adapter included with the Switch is not compatible with “USB Power Delivery USB PD”. If it is an AC adapter compatible with USB PD, it is possible to charge the Android terminal of USB PD support as well, but reliable operation cannot be expected as long as the correspondence is not sung. It is the position of the peripheral device for Switch to the last.

However, since a voltage of 5V is used for a normal USB charge, charging at 5V/1.5A is considered to be fine on most Android devices.

In fact, when the AC adapter included with the Switch was connected to the Xperia XZ1 and measured with an app that measures the current at the time of charging “ampere” in real time, charging was carried out in 5V/1.5A mode. Because it can be charged at a moderate speed even if it does not go rapidly, i think that it is useful enough as a substitute when the fast charge compatible battery of USB PD is not at hand

Charge your Android device with the AC adapter that comes with the Switch