How to choose the latest iPhone Review the features of the four major models, which one to buy

Apple launched its second-generation iPhone SE on April 24, bringing four iPhones with the highest-performance A13 Bionic chip and the latest iOS 13. Each of you has an iPhone with features, we will send you a buyer’s guide to help you if you are considering buying an iPhone.

The latest A13 Bionic chip and iPHONE 13 are all in full. Equipment and size is also unique, yet high cospa[iPhone SE]also appeared, it can be said that now without waiting for the 5G compatible model

Apple’s current model of the iPhone in the spring of 2020 is the flagship iPhone 11 Pro, the big-screen derivative model “iPhone 11 Pro Max”, the high-performance model “iPhone 11” with three beats of performance, design, and price, and the latest small and low-cost model “iPhone SE” with performance that is comparable to the top model. Let’s look at each of these characteristics.

Lineup of iPhone in spring 2020. Right from the iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11, iPhone SE. It was a full line-up so that i was at a loss whether to choose any

IPhone 11 Pro with the highest level of features and design

The iPhone 11 Pro is a flagship model with the Super Retina XDR, an organic EL display that can display high-definition HDR video. While the screen size is about 5.8 inches, it can be operated while holding it with one hand. The display that doubles as image quality and functionality is a very attractive iPhone.

iPhone 11 Pro. There are four color variations, and the back glass panel of the mat finish is surprised to be hard to stick to the scratches and dirt anyway.

The main camera with the triple lens specification is not in the iPhone 11, which has a telephoto camera that supports double the optics. The two models of the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max have a high-textured matte finish with tempered glass panels on the back, and the metal material on the body is stainless steel, which is also the difference between the iPhone 11. The main iPhone to patronize every day, portability from the function, i want to pursue a high-level finish without compromise to the body design … It is by far one recommended for those who think. Only two iPhone 11 Pro models can choose from 512GB of high-capacity storage.

The iPhone 11 Pro features a triple lens camera with a combination of wide angle, ultra wide angle and telephoto

Review the points of the iPhone 11 Pro

IPhone of the highest performance that fits in the palm, the height of the texture is also enough
High-performance camera with triple lens that can take a picture with telephoto
Choose from 512GB of high-capacity storage
Apple Store sales price: from 106,800 yen (excluding tax)
Price when using Apple Trade In- trade-in service from 80,800 yen (excluding tax)
Color Variation: 4 colors (Midnight Green/Space Gray/Silver/Gold)
Storage capacity: 3 types (64GB/256GB/512GB)

IPhone 11 Pro Max, a theater in the palm of your hand

The iPhone 11 Pro and the basic performance are the same as the derived model. A large feature is the super retina XDR display, which is about 6.5 inches and a large ORGANIC EL system, and the sense of immersion when displaying videos and photos is by far the best among the four models. In addition, the battery’s stamina is the strongest in the current iPhone, allowing continuous video playback for up to 20 hours. With the iPhone 11 series’ “spatial audio” feature, you can’t miss the powerful and immersive sound with only the built-in speakers. The iPhone 11 Pro Max is truly a handheld-sized private theater.

The iPhone 11 Pro Max right with a large display of about 6.5 inches. Compared to the iPhone 11 Pro (left), the difference in screen size is obvious

Other than the display and battery, such as the camera, the iPhone 11 Pro is the same. The height of the texture is the same, too.

For facetime video calls, a high-definition, wide screen will also be the main thing. When it becomes 6.5 inches, the screen operation with one hand becomes severe indeed, but the story is another if it is both hands. I think that it is recommended for the senior layer as “first iPhone” because a big screen is very easy to see, and it is easy to operate.

Recap the points of the iPhone 11 Pro Max

A large OLED display of about 6.5 inches “theater that fits in the palm of your hand”
One of the largest stamina batteries on the iPhone
Comfortable to operate with both hands and to watch
Apple Store sales price: from 119,800 yen (excluding tax)
Price when using Apple Trade In- trade-in service from 93,800 yen (excluding tax)
Color Variation: 4 colors (Midnight Green/Space Gray/Silver/Gold)
Storage capacity: 3 types (64GB/256GB/512GB)

The iPhone 11, a well-balanced flagship model

A high-performance model with good performance and price. The liquid retina HD display of about 6.1 inch which is a little bigger than the iPhone 11 Pro is high in detail, and is recommended for those who want to extend and use the iPhone of a large screen size. It can be said that it is one of the pleasures to be able to choose all six colors of cool karabari. The metal material of the body is aluminum, and the tempered glass of the clear finish is adopted on the back. The main camera is a double lens specification with a combination of wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle lenses, and the ultra-wide-angle camera has the real thrill of casually enjoying artistic photography and video shooting.

iPhone 11 with cool and vivid color variations of six colors

If you want to use the iPhone’s camera creatively, iPhone 11/11 Pro series that also has a “night mode” that can take bright and colorful photos even in the dark I think you should choose. The front camera is also 12 megapixels, so you can take a selfie cleanly.

The iPhone 11/11 Pro series can be photographed in night mode to reproduce brightness and shades even in pitch-black areas

Review the points of the iPhone 11

A full camera that can take beautiful lye at night and in the selfie
High-definition large screen LCD panel
Six colors of fun karabari are enhanced
Apple Store sales price: 74,800 yen (excluding tax)
Price at the time of apple trade in trade in use from 53,800 yen
Color Variation: 6 colors (white/black/green/yellow/purple/PRODUCT RED=red)
Storage capacity: 3 types (64GB/128GB/256GB)

The iPhone SE is sold for lightness, cheapness, and high performance.

This is a compact and low-cost iPhone with a 4.7-inch LCD panel “Retina HD” display. When I ask the women around me, I often hear people say that being “light” is more attractive than being compact. Certainly, the good handling is dantotsu in the current iPhone. People who are using the iPhone 11 series mainly, you may get the iPhone SE as a sub-machine to operate cheaply mvno and Rakuten mobile. When you go out you will need two macbooks and iPad, the more compact your iPhone is, the lighter your footwork.

The iPhone SE features a retina HD display of about 4.7 inches. The caravari is three colors and a little, but the case for a lot of iPhone 8 which is already in the shop is available as it is.

While the low-cost model, it is equipped with the same A13 Bionic chip as the iPhone 11 series, so the operation of the app and the quality of photos and videos that can be taken with the camera are much better than the previous generation of the iPhone 8. You can buy from these generation models without hesitation. Because there is also an eSIM function that was not installed in the iPhone X, iPhone SE is an attractive smartphone to business people with a lot of overseas business trips.

I think that the person who is already using the iPhone 11 Pro, and the iPhone SE and two units are also ants.

Recap the point of the iPhone SE

Outstanding cost performance that can be bought for 40,000 yen even with tax
Small and light. Comfortable one-handed
Equipped with a home button that is safe even if you wear a mask
I can use the case for the iPhone 8
Apple Store sales price: 44,800 yen (excluding tax)
Price when using Apple Trade In- trade-in service from 29,800 yen (excluding tax)
Color variation: 3 colors (white/black/PRODUCT RED=red)
Storage capacity: 3 types (64GB/128GB/256GB)

No need to wait for a 5G-enabled iPhone

I tried to roughly organize the characteristics of each of the current iPhone, when you want to compare side by side the features and performance differences of the latest iPhone model, apple’s web site “comparing the model of the iPhone” page also you may want to refer to.

If you’re considering buying a new second-generation iPhone SE from a model earlier than the iPhone 8, see this page, which explains the benefits of upgrading.

The iPhone 11 series and the second-generation iPhone SE have different biometric capabilities, so there is a difference in usability in situations where you want to unlock the screen. The iPhone SE, which has a home button with a fingerprint-proof Touch ID, is drawing attention again now that it must be fitted with a mask to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. On the other hand, as of the beginning of May, some overseas media and others are writing this article, iPhone equipped with Face ID in the next iOS also migrated quickly by passcode input with a mask, it is reported that the function update will be achieved so that the screen lock can be released. I hope that secure Face ID will become more and more easy to use.

the iPhone SE has a home button with a fingerprint-proof Touch ID

In Response to the launch of 5G mobile communications services in Japan this spring, Apple’s rivals have announced and launched a series of new 5G-compatible smartphones. There is no end to the 5G-compatible iPhone, but considering the small number of base stations, the time when we can fully utilize the 5G service may still be a little further away. IPhone iPhone iwant now, iPhone needed now “Zubari now buy Because it can be saidIsn’t there?

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