How to quickly save data on Android devices – Why can’t I ask you now?

It is unexpectedly difficult to keep up with the amount of data. If you reduce the number of times you use the SNS app and web browser, the convenience decreases. It might be good to use it moderately, but when there is something to be researched in a hurry, i can’t say so when there is nothing else to do while on the move. It would be nice if we could save without being aware of savings.

The shortcut to save data on Android devices is the use of chrome, a web browser that is standard on many devices regardless of the manufacturer’s differences. There is also a way to use the “data saver” that is effective for some apps that perform data communication , android OS function to limit data communication in the background , web browser that receives a large amount of content, such as images, i’m effective.

Chrome provides a data-saving feature called “Light Mode”. When this feature is enabled, some of the data on the web page, such as images, will be downloaded via Google’s server, and the data is lighter in the process.

Easy to use, tap the “:” button in the upper right corner of the Chrome screen, open the screen in “Settings” → “Light Mode”, and switch to “On” to switch. This alone, if you use Chrome normally, the amount of data communication associated with web browsing is greatly reduced. You can also look back on the amount of data you’ve saved, so you can feel the effect.

When I visited the Website of My Navi News about six pages, the amount of reduction was about 1.4 megabytes, and i was able to save more than 2 percent of the data communication. While using private browsing does not work, location information is not detected correctly, web pages with a small number of photos there are restrictions that the effect is limited, because the amount of data communication is reduced even a few times just by browsing the WEB of course, it can be said that the function that should be actively used.

Chrome’s ‘light mode’ contributes to data usage savings