How to take over Suica for each balance when changing the iPhone 397th iPhone basic “kyou”

Suica, which is in use with Apple Pay, can be transferred to a new iPhone for each balance when you change the model. However, suica must be evacuated from the old terminal to take over. Let’s take a quick check of the evacuation and takeover procedures.

Suica in Wallet can easily take over each balance to a new iPhone signed in with the same Apple ID

How to evacuate Suica from old terminal

If you want to take over suica that you’re using on your old device to a new device, remove the Suica from your Wallet. It may be a little scary to ask if you delete it, but the card information is stored in the cloud, so it’s okay.

Open wallet on your old device, select Suica you want to take over, tap the button on the top right → Open the “Information” screen, tap “Delete this card” → “Delete” at the bottom

If you don’t have an old device, you can also remove it from your new iPhone. However, this method prevents all cards, including Suica, from being available on older devices.

Open the new iPhone ‘Settings’ and tap the name → The device in use will be displayed, so select your old iPhone

Scroll down and tap “Delete All Cards” → Tap “Delete”

Now you can take Suica over to your new device
How to register your successor Suica with a new device

Open wallet on your new device and register suica you’ve taken over.

Open wallet and tap “+” → “Continue”

Select “Suica” in card type → Tap “Next” when suica that you just deleted appears

Registration complete. Suica is now available on the new iPhone

Points to watch out for when you take over Suica

If you take suica over to a new device, the Suica ID number may change. This is suica’s unique number set for Apple Pay, a 17-digit alphanumeric character starting with JE30F.

If you are using a service using this number, you will need to re-register the new Suica ID number. In addition to the Express Reservation Cooperation Service and JR services such as Smart EX, please be careful when using Suica as a entry/exit key or key.

In addition, even if you have registered suica of the iPhone in the point service “JRE POINT”, points will not be added when the number changes. Check the Suica ID number you are registering.

To find the ID number of suica registered in wallet, use the “Suica” app in JR East. You can check the number by opening the card information screen.