Masahiro Sano’s Mobile Phone Industry Information Bureau 25th Pursuit of camera-likeness against trend, Xperia 1 II is supported?

Sony Mobile Communications’ 5G-compatible smartphone Xperia 1 II is scheduled to be released at the end of May by NTT DOCOMO and KDDI. The focus of this focus is on the camera function, which seems to be a camera that actively incorporates Sony’s camera technology, such as the “α” mirrorless camera. However, xperia 1 II is really evaluated by consumers in the popular smartphone market with a camera function that is not like a camera that actively performs bold processing represented by the beauty-faced mode?

Sony Mobile Communications’ flagship 5G-compatible xperia 1 II. The concept of the Xperia 1, such as adopting a 4K display of 21-9 ratio, has become a model that greatly enhances camera performance.

Cameras that actively adopt mirrorless technology

5G commercial services have been launched in Japan, and corresponding smartphones are gradually being introduced to the market. In the meantime, sony mobile’s Xperia 1 II is one of the 5G smartphones that has been receiving a lot of interest right after the launch.

The Xperia 1 II is the successor to the company’s flagship Xperia 1, which was launched in 2019. The concept that attracted attention in Xperia 1, such as equipped with a 4K cinema wide display with a 21-9 ratio, is of course compatible with the next-generation communication 5G, but the camera function is the most focused.

21:9 ratio with elongated organic EL panel

The Xperia 1 II camera uses the same triple camera mechanism as the Xperia 1, but has made great strides by adopting Carl Zeiss’s T* coating on the lens and actively incorporating Sony’s camera technology cultivated in the mirrorless camera “α”, such as 20 frames of high-speed continuous shooting per second followed by automatic focus and auto-exposure.

Among them, the symbol of that is the app called “Photography Pro”. This is to incorporate the alpha series interface and change the settings freely to create a mirrorless camera-like feeling for photography.

The Photography Pro on the Xperia 1 II. The feature is that it can take full-scale camera photography by incorporating the interface and technology of the mirrorless camera “α”.

In fact, with this app, you can focus on the back subject, such as to dare to blur the subject by slowing the shutter speed, you can take a picture of your attention by freely changing the settings like a camera. The Xperia 1 II is equipped with three cameras, standard 24mm, wide angle 16mm, telephoto 70mm, and so on, so it is also a point to be able to handle a wide range of shooting scenes by switching it as if you were replacing a lens.

On the other hand, when you actually use the features of Photograhy Pro, it takes a certain knowledge about the camera to take a fancy picture, and it is also true that it gives a difficult impression to people who are not familiar with the camera because it requires a certain amount of ingenuity to take a good photograph. Of course, xperia 1 II is equipped with a normal camera app as well as Photography Pro, but it is also possible to take easy shots, why did the company introduce a full-fledged camera function although it is difficult to dare.
“Easy and unnaturally beautiful” is the current camera trend

It is the concept of xperia series that has been greatly renewed in Xperia 1 that is affecting there. The current Xperia series has been developed under the concept of “an experience beyond imagination for people who want to love it”, and the flagship model embodies the concept in particular.

In fact, xperia 1 uses a 21:9 ratio display to match the movie. In addition, sony’s team, which is developing cameras for video professionals, has focused on functions aimed at those who are obsessed with watching and shooting video, such as the standard introduction of Cinema Pro, an app that allows users to capture movie-like visuals.

In addition, the compact xperia 5, which appeared as an autumn/winter model in 2019, has enhanced the function of making the game easier to enjoy in conjunction with the DUALSHOCK 4 controller for PlayStation 4. We are trying to enhance the functionality for those who are particular about gameplay, such as esports.

The Xperia 5 features a mechanism to make smartphone games easier to enjoy in cooperation with DUALSHOCK 4. I was making an appeal to people who are particular about the game.

And xperia 1 II, by equipped with a photography Pro that is complicated operation dare operation, it is not appealing to the professional, the semi-pro, and the enthusiast of the camera that sticks to photography. By enhancing the functions that have been taken off, we want to capture people who are particular about the field, and the aim of the current Xperia series is to take in people who are particular about the field.

The reason why Sony Mobile Communications has come to adopt such a strategy is that sales have been sluggish and the deficit has been severely affected by the increased competition for low-cost smartphones in recent years. It’s difficult to compete with Chinese manufacturers with price advantages, especially in the flagship model, which is a strategy to increase the capabilities of the Sony Group to the professional level and target people who are particular about it, even if they are blindly targeted at the mass market.

However, if you look at the recent trend of smartphone cameras, as represented by the so-called “beautiful face mode” and “night mode” that can take a bright night view, focus on processing by software as well as camera, focus on the ability to shoot beautifully in a sense unnatural means just press the shutter button, it has gained popularity. The direction that Xperia 1 II pursues is quite the opposite of that trend.

Of course, sony mobile communications is the direction that sony mobile communications dares to aim at, but the concept of Xperia 1 II does not sound like a mass layer, and it becomes difficult to increase the number of sales. It is also true that there are not a few concerns. This shows that recently in the market of used smartphones, the number of unused products of The SoftBank Xperia 1 that unlocked the SIM has been sold at a low price below half the price of the original market around, it has become a hot topic.

In addition to the “FREETEL” brand of in-house smartphones, MAYA SYSTEM, which sells used goods from other smartphones, is also running a campaign to sell the sim unlocked SoftBank version of The New Product.

It is only a guess to the end, this is believed to have happened by some retailers have flowed the excess stock of Xperia 1 into the used market, it seems to be able to be seen that the sale of Xperia 1 in SoftBank did not shake that much. In fact, when softbank announced 5G commercial services, the xperia 1 II was not adopted in the lineup of 5G smartphones, but it is likely that the sales slump of xperia 1 was significantly affected.

SoftBank announced a 5G-compatible smartphone. Xperia 1 II was not in line-up

In Japan, sales of expensive smartphones have fallen sharply due to strict restrictions on smartphone discounts, and mobile phone companies are increasing their middle-class lineup with price-focusing and aggressively adopting handsets made by Chinese manufacturers. Therefore, it seems to be becoming a very big problem for not only Sony Mobile Communications but also a lot of smartphone manufacturers how to convey the value appropriate to the price of a high-priced flagship model to consumers.

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