Why is keyboard app so secure? – Why can’t I hear it now?

iOS provides a keyboard (software keyboard) that is drawn on the screen for character input. Although there is no feeling of pushing with a fingertip like a physical keyboard, the number and size of keys can also be changed according to the convenience of the screen without bulking, it is a merit that can be changed the appearance / function freely depending on the software.

The software keyboard is also released to third parties. As some hits when you search the App Store on the keyboard, the software keyboard with its own features and design is supported by users who are particular about character input, establishing a genre.

However, because of the nature of the keyboard, the words/strings that are entered require high security. It is used to enter credit card numbers and passwords, not to mention names, addresses, and phone numbers that could be identified, so there should be no security issues such as data disclosure.

Therefore, it is up to the end user to decide whether or not to allow “full access” to the keyboard app. Granting full access to the keyboard app allows app developers to access, collect, and send data to enter, and if you allow access to location information and personal information, the data may be sent to the app developer’s server.

By default, full access to the software keyboard is not allowed, but full access is granted when you select a third-party software keyboard on the Settings → General → Keyboard screen and turn on the Allow Full Access switch on the next screen. If you don’t allow it, you won’t be able to take advantage of full functionality, such as not being able to take advantage of features that require a network connection, but you should make a careful decision.

Be careful to allow full access to the software keyboard