Can you automatically deliver calendar events to work people? – Why can’t I hear it now?

IPhone app “Calendar” is convenient for schedule management. If you register an event for an outing or meeting, you can see the action plan at a glance and play an assistant role, such as notifying you before the scheduled time arrives.

You can create multiple “calendars” (confusingly also known as “calendars”) for work, personal, family, and so on, so that you can sort out events according to their personality/purpose. If you’re free to see this calendar for your work people, you can have them schedule your schedule. You may not have the hassle of scheduling emails back and forth.

This calendar can be published through the Internet. Tap “Calendar” at the bottom of the calendar app to tap the “calendar” in the management screen that appears, tap the “i” button on the right side of the desired calendar, turn on the “Public Calendar” switch and tap “Share link”, you can distribute the URL for information acquisition by email, SNS, AirDrop, etc.

Public calendars are created on iCloud and can be accessed by anyone. Compatible apps include “Calendar” and “IOS/Mac Version”, “Microsoft Outlook” and “Mozilla Lightning Calendar”, which can be viewed by non-iPhone users. If you register a public calendar with the app, you will be able to know your latest action plan.

In addition, the public calendar is assigned an estimated difficult address of around 150 characters automatically generated. The content is not encrypted, is not password protected, and you can download it in the form of a text file by changing the beginning of the address from “webcal://” to “https://”. It’s a good idea not to include personally identifiable information, such as phone numbers and email addresses, in your public calendar.

Publish your calendar so you can get people in charge of your latest action plan