Don’t know how to use the iPhone “accessibility features” conveniently

The accessibility features on Apple devices such as the iPhone and iPad are designed to enable people with visual, hearing, and physical disabilities to use the iPhone and iPad smartly. However, accessibility is not intended only for people with disabilities. Even seniors who have had an iPhone for the first time, and those unfamiliar with digital devices, can feel that the iPhone and iPad are devices that can change their lives conveniently by using accessibility features.

Using the “accessibility features” that are standard on iPhone and iPad, you can make your life a little more convenient.

Accessibility features designed to make Apple products convenient for everyone

Accessibility features are also included in Mac, Apple Watch, Apple TV and HomePod, but this time we’ll focus on the accessibility features of the iPhone, which are the most widely used in Apple products.

Open the iPhone Settings app and tap Accessibility to see a variety of features

The accessibility menu is listed on the page that opened the Settings app on iOS/iPadOS. When you open, but a lot of features are aligned with the zulari, this time iPhone users gather the features that everyone can remember and earn from among them, “such a thing, i want to do such a thing” while reversing from the application, let’s approach the mastery.

Q: I want to see the screen display of the iPhone enlarged greatly.
A: Accessibility zoom is useful.

Apps such as Safari and Mail, touch the screen with two fingers, and if you can move it to open while touching it, you can expand the character singback. To return to the original size, touch the two fingers open and then touch them to blur your finger (called “pinch-in” or double-tap the screen lightly.

Note that this operation method is not available on all screens, such as the iPhone home screen and the menu list of the settings app. What is useful here is the accessibility zoom feature. When this is turned on, you can zoom in on the screen by tapping with three fingers. Move the screen with three fingers. It is recommended that you can move the zoom area and change the magnification more smoothly when you display the controller of the zoom function.

Select the zoom function and turn on the zoom button at the top. The “zoom controller” that appears in the center is also turned on, which is useful when you want to zoom anywhere.

Select the area you want to zoom in from full screen or window zoom to zoom only in part. Magnification can also be changed

Q: I want to use my iPhone to enlarge the letters of newspapers and magazines.
A: I recommend “magnifier” that can use the camera of the iPhone like a loupe.

When it is difficult to read fine text at hand, such as newspapers and books, use the “Magnifier” function of your iPhone. After turning on the feature, the iPhone SE will be able to use the home button, and the iPhone 11 series will triple click the side button to triple click the camera and use the magnifier.

When you turn on the magnifier function, you can use it like a loupe on the camera and display of the iPhone.

It is most suitable when I want to read a detailed character such as the instruction manual of the product and the note.

Q: I’m tired of following the text on the screen with my eyes, so I want you to read it by voice.
A: In such a situation, let’s use “speech content”.

When you want to hear the news on a web page or the text of an email from your family, pay attention to the “read able content” menu in accessibility.

Once you’re in the menu, you can make detailed settings, such as whether to read “Selection” or “The entire screen”. “Selection” requires the time to pre-select small characters on the screen, so we recommend “speech of the screen”. Then turn on Speak Controller to display an arrow icon on the screen. When you tap this button, you can tap the “play triangle button” to hear the audio spoken from the speakers of the iPhone. You can also adjust the speed at which you speak, or choose a voice from a woman and a man. Some content may not be read.

In the speech content settings, turn on “Speak screen” and “speech controller”

When you tap the play button of the triangle, the voice assistant that is installed in the iPhone, such as news of the web page, will read aloud. Turn up the volume of the iPhone speakers

Q: I can’t get used to the “gesture operation” that tracing the screen up, down, left, and right with my finger.
A: There is an “AssistiveTouch” that replaces what you can do with a gesture with a button action.

Swipe the screen of the iPhone, or press multiple buttons at the same time to operate the gesture, it may be difficult to understand for people who have been using your mobile phone for a long time. If you turn on AssistiveTouch in the Accessibility Touch menu, you’ll see an icon like a round button on your iPhone screen. If you’re here to view control centers or launch Siri, or in the iPhone 11 series, you can place an icon to return home from all screens instead of the home button, so you can touch the screen to do what you need to do with the gesture. You can also customize the contents and number of icons displayed in the menu.

When assistiveTouch is turned on, you can tap to replace gestures.

This way, you’ll be able to perform a variety of functions with one touch

Q: I want to record a voice note in my photo.
A: With Live Photos, you can keep your memories with audio.

If you accumulate a lot of files in the Photos app, thumbnails can be difficult to distinguish. If that’s the case, take advantage of Live Photos in your iPhone’s camera app.

Live Photos is a feature that allows you to record 1.5 seconds of video and audio before and after pressing the shutter. When you take a picture after talking to “00 photos” just before the shutter is turned off, when you press and hold the thumbnail sit-in the photo app, you can check the contents by voice with the photo with the preview screen open.

Live Photos files can be shared to friends and family as well as regular photos. Before you send it to your partner, tap the “LIVE” icon in the upper left corner to enter a diagonal line, let’s convert it to a normal photo.

When you take a photo with the Camera app, tap the round “Live Photos” icon in the top right to turn on the feature. A small yellow “LIVE” icon appears on the screen

If you want to share a Live Photos file as a regular still image, select the file and switch to the “LIVE” icon with a diagonal line before sending it by email or message.

Q: I feel that it is difficult to hear the voice of the phone.
A: When you turn on “Phone Noise Canceling”, it will sound clearer.

If you find it difficult to hear someone’s voice when you make a call on your iPhone, select “Audio/Visual” accessibility before turning up the volume. Then make sure that “Phone Noise Canceling” is turned on. It is a function to reduce the noise around when the receiver is put on the ear and it is calling.

The function of “phone noise canceling” is convenient.

When you’re in a lively place, you can wear the earbuds “EarPods” that come with your iPhone package to make it easier to hear the other person’s voice. You can also make hands-free calls with the built-in microphone of your earphones. If you’re at home or in a place where other people can hear the content of your conversation, making your voice a “speaker call” may make it easier to hear your voice than to put the receiver on your ear.

Q: I want to be able to call my family and send a short e-mail.
A: Keep the “Hotline” icon permanently with your family on the home screen.

On your iPhone’s home screen, you can place a hotline icon that allows you to call, SMS, or facetime calls to your family right away. However, because the setting method is a little complicated, people who are a little familiar with the iPhone, it is a good idea to set instead of the person who needs this feature.

Launch the iOS standard “shortcut” app and type Accessibility in the alphabet in the Gallery search word. Open the shortcuts for Accessibility, which appears, and select Contact On Home Screen to add a shortcut. Then, the new items are arranged in the list of “My Shortcuts” in the shortcut app.

Type Accessibility in the gallery of the Shortcuts app. Open shortcuts for Accessibility and select Contact On Home Screen

When the Contact On Home Screen screen appears, tap “Add shortcut” at the bottom

Add it to My Shortcuts in the Shortcuts app

Open Contact On Home Screen and add family members to Contacts. Then, tap the “…” icon at the top right of the page and select “Add to Home Screen”. Select the icon added to the home screen so that you can contact you as soon as you open the message/phone/facetime screen.

Add contacts with contacts, such as the phone number of the person you want to connect to the hotline, and so on in the Contacts app

Select “Add to Home Screen” from “Contact On Home Screen”

An icon appeared on the Home screen

When you tap the added icon, the message/phone/FaceTime call menu will be lined up, so you can contact them as soon as you choose a contact method.

Q: I want to call the accessibility features I use most of my time right away.
A: Take advantage of “shortcuts” to accessibility.

If you want to quickly call out features such as “zoom” or “magnifier” introduced this time and turn them on or off, take advantage of “shortcuts” for accessibility. The shortcut menu is displayed by triple-clicking the home button for iPhone SE, iIf it is a Phone 11 series, it is a triple click of the side button. You can choose which features to display in the shortcut and the order of the top and bottom by selecting “shortcuts” at the bottom of the accessibility menu.

Added accessibility “shortcuts”

For iPhone SE, triple-click the Home button to get a quick selection of accessibility features

GAAD, a day to think about accessibility to technology

There is a growing awareness around the world that technology accessibility (accessibility and friendliness) is being made to make it more accessible to technology for anyone to use digital devices that provide convenience to many people, such as iPhones, iPads, and Macs, as well as iOS and other software.

Every year, the third Thursday in May is set as an anniversary for people all over the world to think together about the spread of accessibility. For the ninth time this year, many of the related events of GaAD will be held online to avoid the effects of infectious diseases from the new coronavirus. Why don’t you deepen your knowledge of accessibility to digital technology while browsing gaad’s web site, which can be read in Japanese, and the latest information published on social networks?

The accessibility features that can be used immediately on the iPhone introduced this time, if there is an opportunity that seems to be useful in the surroundings actively use, let’s teach to family and acquaintances. More information about the accessibility features of Apple products can be found on apple’s website.

Author : Atsushi Yamamoto

Journalist and writer. After working as a web editor and reporter for an audio and visual magazine, he became a freelance journalist. Since i have been covering the electronics show “IFA” held in Berlin, Germany every year, I am particularly familiar with the latest situations related to smart appliances and IoT in Europe. He is well versed in the audio and visual fields, covering a wide range of fields ranging from hi-res to music distribution, to 4K and VOD. He has been fluent in English and French, covering events from japan to overseas, and interviewing developers.