How do I share my iPhone screen with my friends? – Why can’t I hear it now?

A hundred words are said to be only at first glance, the operation of the iPhone is also more effective than to explain in a lengthy sentence “actually show the screen”. Screenshots are a typical tool, but when it comes to step-by-step introduction of a number of action steps, it’s also difficult to understand.

In such a case, let’s share the screen itself of the iPhone. On the iPhone, by using the “screen recording” function supported from iOS 11, you can share and deliver the home screen and app screen in near real time. If you’re sending a video, you’re concerned about the capacity (file size) and the time, but you don’t have to do that.

In addition, you can include audio in the screen recording. Not only the sound effects of the app, if you turn on the microphone when you start the screen recording, you can deliver by recording your voice along with the screen of the iPhone. If you change the orientation of the iPhone vertically/ horizontally, the screen will follow, and group delivery is also possible.

However, it is not necessary to record the screen together with the voice of the other party to which it is delivered and the voice of me. For example, LINE can perform screen recording during a video call, but no sound is recorded during a LINE call and is silent.

To share and deliver the screen of the iPhone in the screen recording, after launching the app corresponding to the screen recording, such as LINE and Twitcasting Live and making it ready to deliver, press and hold the “Screen Recording” button in the Control Center, check the app you want to use, tap the “Start Broadcast” button. You can’t start a broadcast without a running call, so be prepared in advance.

You can share and deliver the screen of the iPhone using the function of “screen recording”