Can I call without notification from my iPhone? – Why can’t I hear it now?

When I pick up the iPhone because the ringtone sounded, the screen has a letter of “non-notification settings”. You don’t even know the phone number, let alone the other person’s name, so it’s creepy, isn’t it? If it stops ringing soon, it is still going to ring endlessly. However, there is no problem with making a non-notification call itself, and it is true that there are some situations where you need it.

For example, anonymous reporting. As long as the other party responds, it is convenient because it is able to talk without revealing the nature of this place. Anonymity is a major premise, but i want someone to ask you, and if it’s a non-notification, talk like a life consultation is safe.

If you call without a notification, your number won’t be recorded on the other person’s phone, so you won’t get a return call unless they know your number. There are some cases where non-notification phones are used to contact students who are in job hunting, so they will not be gone in the future.

I’m not very impressed, but i think your number has been denied incoming calls, so you can call the other person with no notification and check the situation to see if they can answer. It depends on the non-notification phone, depending on the phone you are using or the phone company’s nuisance phone rejection feature.

By default, the iPhone is set to notify you of your number, but when you dial, you can make a call without a notification if you enter the other party’s number with “184” in your mouth. “Settings” → “Phone” → “Caller ID Notification” then open the screen, you can always set the phone call with no notification when you turn off the “Caller ID” switch, if not so often use, it is better to dial with “184” at the beginning.

To call without notifications from your iPhone