How to turn off and resume use of iPhone Basic “Kyou” No. 398

When you go out mask required these days, iPhone with Face ID iPhone iPhone iPhone i Phone i continue to be a difficult situation. If you’re waiting for an error in Face ID to enter the passcode, you’ll only get the passcode from the beginning, because it might be one way.
How to turn off Face ID

If you try to unlock face ID while wearing a mask, there is a little time lag and then the passcode input screen is displayed. Even if you know it, it’s a hassle to wait for it every time.

In addition, if you follow the error a few times, you will be prompted for a passcode before using Face ID next time.

Face ID is masked and the passcode input screen is displayed after the recognition error

Apple Pay opens the input screen by tapping “Pay with passcode” once you get an error

If the step of waiting for an error to come out once is troublesome, it is also one way to dare to turn off Face ID. It is a method that can be used for situations where eye patch and dark sunglasses are needed.

Open “Settings” and tap “Face ID and Passcode”

Enter your passcode → Turn off “Unlock iPhone”.

Now you’ll see a passcode input screen as soon as you swipe up on the home bar

You can also turn off Face ID for Apple Pay. However, the passcode input screen does not open if you do not tap after all, so it is not much different from the state of Face ID on

How to turn Face ID on again

Face ID can be turned back on as soon as it is turned off. You don’t need to re-register your face.

In the same procedure as before, open Face ID and Passcode in Settings and turn on “Unlock iPhone”