3 Secret Ramen Shop Corona Virus Measures

3 Secret Ramen Shop Corona Virus Measures May 18 at 13:33

Many ramen shops are relatively small, and ramen shops that tend to be in a state of so-called “three dense” are working to combat the infection of the new coronavirus with various devices.

A ramen shop in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. As the infection spread, the number of customers decreased and it was temporarily closed, but it resumed operations this month.

In order to prevent infection, the space between the customers sitting at the counter was wider than ever, and acrylic plates were placed between the seats.

In addition, the disinfection of the equipment and dishes in the store is more thorough than ever.

A man who visited for lunch said, “I was self-imposed to eat out, but if I had these partition boards in place, I could eat with peace of mind.”

Takanobu Kawajiri, manager of ramen shop, said, “There are many friendly voices from customers who divide the counter. Sales are still in a tough state, but we want to ensure that safety comes first.”