Baby Rush during Corona holiday also zoo reopens Okayama Tamano

Baby Rush during Corona Closed Also Zoo Reopens Okayama Tamano May 18 14:56

The zoo in Tamano City, Okayama Prefecture, which was closed due to the new coronavirus, has reopened on The 18th. During the holidays, babies such as goats and donkeys are born one after another, and it is gaining popularity in an adorable figure.

Shibukawa Animal Park in Tamano City has been temporarily closed since last month, but it has reopened for the first time in two days after the declaration of a state of emergency was lifted in Okayama Prefecture.

On the 18th of the first day, there were not many visitors, but parents and children rubbed their hands at the entrance and enjoyed feeding the goats.

During the holidays, a series of babies, such as donkeys and ponies, showed an adorable figure, including a 40-centimeter-long goat born three days ago, drinking her mother’s milk.

A woman in Okayama City who visited with her eldest daughter said, “I’m glad to have my children reopened because they couldn’t go out and were stressed. I want to enjoy it while avoiding the three closes.”

Juno Miyamoto, director of Shibukawa Animal Park, said, “If you can watch a lot of animal babies slowly and become calm.”