Continuation of theater business: About four percent of organizations, such as organizers, are “difficult” or “significantly reduced”

Continuation of theater business : About 4 percent of organizations, etc., “difficult” or “significantreduction” May 18 at 5:34

In the theater world, where performances have been canceled or postponed due to the effects of the new coronavirus, a questionnaire survey was conducted on the damage of the organizers, and they said that it was inevitable that the continuation of the business using the support measures would be difficult or significantly reduced.
In the theater world, 39 organizations, such as Toho and The Four Seasons of the Theater Company, launched the Emergency Performing Arts Network, and from last month to this month, we conducted a questionnaire survey for participating organizations, and received responses from the companies that organized the performances and the companies responsible for sound and tool production.

When we asked about the amount of losses associated with the cancellation or postponement of performances, the companies responded that they were less than 100 million yen or less, followed by three companies with less than 1 billion yen and less than 3 billion yen, more than 3 billion yen and less than 1 billion yen, and two companies with less than 100 million yen respectively.

When asked about the possibility of continuing the business using the current support measures, the company said that it was possible, but the company, which is about a percent, said that difficult or significant reductions were inevitable.

In the free description column, there are also heartbreaking voices such as “I can’t deny the possibility that i can’t continue my physical strength because i’m borrowing everything” or “Debt of tens of millions or more in one stage even if i use a support plan with zero income, too unreasonable”.

The Emergency Performing Arts Network has decided to proceed with efforts to resume the preparation of guidelines, saying that “very high losses have occurred in a short period of time.”

Crowdfunding support

There is a growing crowdfunding movement on the Internet to support people involved in performing arts who are in a difficult situation.

Of these, “#SaveArtsプロジェクト” is a crowdfunding program that supports people involved in theater, opera, and music.

With the goal of 10 million yen, oriza Hirata, a playwright who has been accepting donations until this month and is cooperating with her, commented, “I don’t know how far i can help, but I hope to be able to move quickly with the motto of urgency.”

In addition, the Small Theater Aid Fund, launched by theater workers, is a crowdfunding program that supports more than 50 small theaters nationwide, with a target value of 40 million yen.

Actors Tomoto Yashima and Eisuke Shinoi are also accepting donations until next month.

The Japan Association of Performing Arts Performers said, “We are grateful for the support of many people and hope that this will spread as a more powerful one.”