Japan Sumo Association begins Corona Virus antibody test conducted today on 43 people

Japan Sumo Association Corona Virus Antibody Test Begins Today Conducted on 43 People May 18 20:31

The Japan Sumo Association announced that it had been tested by all members of the association who wished to have been tested by the new coronavirus.
An antibody test is a test to determine if there is a protein called an antibody in the blood that can be transmitted to a virus after it is infected, and it is understood whether there is an infected experience.

The Sumo Association of Japan began the antibody test which was assumed to be carried out for all applicants among the association members such as the sumo wrestler and the boss who was about the person, and according to the sumo association, it is that the person who belonged to the room was inspected according to the sumo association.

The Sumo Association says it will conduct a test of about 1,000 people in the coming days, and it is expected that the inspection of all applicants will be finished in about a month.

The Sumo Association will use antibody testing to understand the approximate infection status of the members of the association, and will lead to efforts to hold the event.