Large commercial facility of soot, 46 years of history, the ceremony canceled in Corona

Large commercial facility of Soot 46 years in history, ceremony canceled at Corona May 18 5:44

A large commercial facility located in the downtown area of Sapporo city, Susukino, has come to an end in its 46-year history on the night of The 17th. The effects of the new coronavirus continued to spread during the last business day, including the cancellation of closing ceremonies as the state of emergency declared continued.

Scynorafira, a commercial facility located on the 8th and 2nd floors above ground, opened its business as the only department store in the downtown Susukino district in Showa 49.

After that, it became the shape of heisei year while changing the name of the shop and the business form, but the closing was decided because of the aging of the building.

On the 17th, the last business day, many locals visited and saw people shopping and taking pictures of the store with their smartphones.

A woman in her 40s who lives nearby said, “I’ve been using it since I was a child, so when it comes to it, it’s very lonely.”

And, as the remnants gathered, the shutters were closed and the curtain was brought down in the 46-year history.

The store had been on sale before closing, but in order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, it was closed from last month to this month, except for some, and closed ceremonies were also canceled.

According to the management company of the facility, the building will be demolished after closing, and the construction of a complex building with commercial facilities and other facilities will be considered at the site with the aim of opening in the fall after a year.