Michael Jordan’s shoes sold for about 60 million yen.

Michael Jordan’s shoes sold for about 60 million yen may 18 at 6:40

Michael Jordan, a superstar of Professional Basketball in the United States, was auctioned off the basketball shoes he wore when he made his professional debut and won the prize in Japanese yen for $10,000.
Jordan’s documentary is being broadcast in the United States, and as the spread of the new coronavirus infection continues to restrict his goingouts, watching the show is believed to have led to a high price.

Basketball shoes listed at American auction giant Sotheby’s were worn when Jordan made his professional debut in 1985.

It’s a custom-made product made by Nike, which was still an emerging manufacturer in the basketball world at the time, and has different left and right sizes, red shoelaces and Jordan’s signature.

The expected bid price was $150,000, but it was priced at $560,000 to about $60 million, well above that, sotheby’s said it was the highest price ever for sports shoes.

It is thought that the effect of the documentary program which was broadcast over the United States for a long time until the day of the high price was also in the background which was won at a high price.

The show depicts jordan’s two-time three-game winning streak against the Chicago Bulls, whose first broadcast was watched by more than 13 million people across the United States as the spread of the new coronavirus continues to limit his outings.