New development of the car purchase of the car purchase online business negotiation sai-yai

New development of the car purchase online business negotiation saeai examination room also Aichi May 18 17:28

A company in Nagoya City, which operates an automobile dealership, is starting to develop a new business in response to the decline in visitors due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection.
The company has approximately 50 retail stores, mainly imported vehicles, mainly in the Tokai region, but sales decreased by more than 15% in April due to a decrease in visitors due to the spread of infection.

For this reason, we are preparing for the introduction of an online business negotiation system that utilizes a video conferencing system so that people who are considering buying a car do not have to come to the store many times.

At the store, training for the introduction was taking a picture of the car using a tablet device, explaining the texture of the interior to other employees who were full of customers and listening to the sound of the engine.

The company also took advantage of the know-how of the camper slated for development to manufacture and sell dome-shaped houses that can also be used as a simple examination room for patients suspected of being infected for medical institutions.

This dome-shaped house is easily assembled with tools in a prefabricated construction method, and it is about four and a half tatami mats, so you can keep the social distance at a minimum even if you put a bed or desk for examination.

It is said that the inquiry from the medical institution in the whole country is one after another, and the delivery is already advanced.

Shinichi Tanikawa, director of the Public Relations and Marketing Department of the White House, an automobile sales company, said, “Now that consumer sentiment has been depressed since the Lehman shock, we want to work not only on automobiles but also on new businesses.”