Para players practice datu reopened in sports gym with emergency declaration lifted

Resuming sports gym operations with the release of emergency declarations Para players practice Dozu May 18 17:37

In Shiga Prefecture, where the state of emergency was lifted, the sports gym resumed operation, and athletes who had participated in the Paralympic games came to practice.

The reopened sports gym in Chimachi, Otsu City, is used by many athletes in Shiga Prefecture because they can receive “hypoxia training” using a special device.

On The 18th, Hiroko Kondo, a paraathlete from Ritto City who was ranked fifth in the women’s marathon at the Rio de Janeiro Paralympic Games, visited the gym.

Kondo entered a room that was kept in a low-oxygen state and used a running machine to run intensively and sweat for 30 minutes.

Kondo has virtually missed out on the Tokyo Paralympic Games, which was postponed to next year, but he continues to compete in the local City of Ritto to compete in the international tournament.

Kondo said, “It’s helpful to be able to train efficiently. The future is uncertain, but I want to build up what I can do now.”

Hiroori Nakayama, who runs a sports gym, said, “We were able to thoroughly prevent infection and somehow resume it. I want to continue to support my training.”

Sports gym in Tochigi Prefecture reopened

In Tochigi Prefecture, where all requests for closure were lifted on the 16th of this month, sports gyms have also resumed operations after taking measures such as limiting the use time from the 18th.

The sports gym in utsunomiya city shopping mall was closed from 18th last month due to a request from the prefecture, but it was canceled and reopened on the 18th for the first time in a month.

In addition to banning the use of the locker room, we decided to use each training machine and disinfect the machine every two hours.

In addition, in the space where the group stretches, the mat used for training is fixed to the floor so that the customers can take the distance of more than one meter.

A woman in her 40s in the city said, “I sweated well after a long time. We would like to work together with users and facilities to prevent it.”

Hideaki Hamano, head of bell mall healthcare division, which operates the gym, said, “We have received questions as well as voices that await the resumption, and we would like to operate them while thoroughly implementing measures.”