Photos released that took off the wig of the swimming Ikee Rikako the real self

Photograph swimming Ikee Rikako wig removed from the suit May 18 17:33

For the first time, she released a photo of her self-competitive athlete Rikako Ikee, who updated her own sns and removed her wig, saying, “I want you to see who you are now. I hope this message becomes a small hope for someone.”
Ikee, who announced his leukemia last year, has been out of hospital after nearly a month in hospital and is resuming training to return to competition.

Ikee updated his social network on The Sun, and for the first time released a photo of himself removing the wig while his hair was not growing due to the side effects of the treatment.

Ikee also posted a photo of himself wearing a wig, and said, “I want you to see who you are now. With the world now in a world of anxiety and hardship, I hope this message will be a small hope for athletes and for anyone who is struggling with hardship in the same way.”

In addition, ikee’s sponsor company released a video of Ikee removing the wig, in which Ikee said, “It is not a shame that there is no hair, and i am proud of my own hair now and this one self.”