Taiwan Tostop New Orders from Huawei China – Impact on Smartphone Manufacturing Is Inevitable

As the Trump administration is pushing for tighter regulations, including an embargo on China, there have been reports that Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, which is the world’s largest semiconductor foundry, has stopped receiving new orders from Huawei in China. The Nihon Keizai Shimbun reported on May 18.

TSMC is a semiconductor production giant alongside Intel and Samsung in South Korea, and is the largest manufacturer of semiconductors. With customers such as Apple and AMD, NVIDIA and Qualcomm, he has been active as a kuroko in the manufacture of state-of-the-art process-equipped devices, but it will be cool to be on the stage in this u.S.-China trade war.

When orders are stopped, it will be difficult to manufacture next-generation Machines in the SoC Kirin series that HUAWEI has installed in smartphones, and it will also be difficult to install TSMC devices that other companies have commissioned to develop and manufacture in their products, which are expected to have a significant impact, including in the supply chain.

TSMC had just announced on May 15, three days ago, that it would build a state-of-the-art semiconductor wafer manufacturing foundry in Arizona, USA, with a 5nm process. The company’s u.S. plant in Washington state, with design centers in Texas and California, and the new foundry in Arizona will be the second manufacturing base in the United States. Construction of the Arizona plant will begin in 2021 and production is scheduled to begin in 2024. The plant produces 20,000 semiconductor wafers a month, directly employs 1,600 technical professionals locally, and creates thousands of indirect jobs across the ecosystem.