The restaurant of the order without the menu table and the smartphone also prevents corona infection Tokyo

The restaurant of the order by the smartphone without the menu table also corona infection prevention Tokyo May 18 15:36

Anti-infection of the new coronavirus that proceeds in restaurants. Some stores have lost the menu table that an unspecified number of people touch and incorporate how to order using their smartphones.
The Italian restaurant in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo operates only on the airy terrace to prevent infection, and the seats are reduced to about half that of the usual table space.

The store has abolished menu tables that many people touch directly.

Instead, a QR code is placed on the table, and the customer reads it on his smartphone and orders it.

In the store, it is said that the disinfection such as the handrail in the store is done every 30 minutes.

The man who visited for the meal said, “I’m glad to be able to enjoy the delicious professional food after a long time. We are also thorough in our anti-infection measures, so we can relax and eat.”

In addition, the restaurant also begins to take out in a drive-through style, and serves dishes in a vacuum pack to enjoy the same taste as the restaurant.

Shiki Yamada, president of the restaurant, said, “I think we’re still going to have a long relationship with this virus, so we have to endure it now. We want to be positive, focusing on what we can do.”