The topic in the chief cabinet secretary wearing the devil pattern mask of the Ainu people is popular

The topic in the chief cabinet secretary wearing a popular Ainu people’s magic pattern mask may 18 5:10

As the infection of the new coronavirus spreads, masks embroidered with the pattern of the magic that the group in Noboribetsu City, Hokkaido, transmitted to the Ainu people are gaining popularity.
The mask was made by the Ainu people of Noboribetsu City, a group made by the people of Ainu, “Noboribetsu Asiri’s Association”.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Kan, who is in charge of the Ainu measures, made headlines at a press conference on July 7 this month.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Kan said in an interview, “It was received from Ainu, who was not aclimber, and it was handmade. I hear that the pattern of the embroidery contains the wish of the devil not to put the sickness in the body. It is also a talisman and it contributes to the dissemination of ainu culture, so we can wear it.”

All masks are handmade, and it takes an hour to embroider the Ainu pattern on a single mask stitched together with cotton and sashimi.

The pattern of embroidery is a combination of “Aiu*Shi”, which represents “thorns” in Ainu, and “Moreu”, a spiral pattern, in which the pattern is a wish of a demon that does not bring disease to the body.

In addition, the way to sew the chain stitch is put in the wish that the family comes home safely without getting lost.

After the interview, about 1,200 orders were received from all over the country, and now, with a three-month wait, a department store in Tokyo has asked for a deal.

Mitsue Haga, president of the Noboribetsu Asiri Association, said, “I am full of joy. I never imagined that it would spread all over the country. I want them to share their ainu culture with the whole country and understand it.”

*Shi is a small