au, updated the folding smartphone “Galaxy Fold” to Android 10

The delivery of an update to update the OS to Android 10 has begun on the galaxy fold@SCV444,a smartphone operated by samsung Electronics. You will be notified sequentially to the user’s device.

Galaxy Fold@SCV44

When the Galaxy Fold®SCV44®, it has the same style as a typical smartphone.

The main updates include user interface improvements such as notifications, phone functions, screenshots, settings, wallpapers, etc. For more information, please visit au’s website.

The update file size is approximately 2.1GB and is recommended for Wi-Fi. The approximate update time in the Wi-Fi environment is approximately 20 minutes, and the software build number after the update is “QP1A.190711.020.SCV44KDU1BTD1”. After the update, the Android security patch level will be “April 1, 2020”. For more information about the security update, see Android Security Public Information – April 2020.