Candidate for Corona Virus therapeutics “administered through clinical trials” Japanese Medical Association

Candidate for Corona Virus therapeutics “administered through clinical trials” May 19, 18:42

A meeting of experts from the Japanese Medical Association has issued an urgent proposal to treat the new coronavirus with care for safety through clinical trials, rather than providing special approval.
Since there is currently no special remedy for the new coronavirus, other drugs, such as a new influenza drug, avigan, are administered to patients in a framework such as clinical trials.

Against this background, the Meeting of Experts of the Japanese Medical Association issued an urgent proposal for the development of therapeutic agents.

In the proposal, “because it is an emergency, we understand the special measures to speed up the approval of new drugs, but we must not rule that it is acceptable to prove safety and efficacy sufficiently,” and that appropriate clinical trials are needed for many patients because some patients naturally recover from the new coronavirus.

On that basis, we should not forget the harms of salidomide and other drugs that cause serious damage to babies, and we should administer them through clinical trials until we have been scientifically proven safe and effective, rather than doing special approval sour.

Norihiro Kunito, president of the National Center for International Medical Research, who was involved in the drafting of the proposal, said, “Some existing drugs do not provide enough information on side effects. Once approved, it will be difficult to determine if it is really effective, so we should proceed in a scientifically appropriate way.”