Coach Ramirez is eager to resume team practice.

Professional baseball team practice resumes Ramirez’s enthusiasm May 19 at 17:16

With the start of the season starting next month, the team resumed practice, and Ramirez expressed his enthusiasm that “this season we need to show more strength from the start of the season.”

Although professional baseball is in agreement with the 12 teams aiming for the opening of the 19th of next month at the shortest possible time, the declaration of an emergency is continuing in Kanagawa Prefecture, where DeNA is based.

Under these situations, the team resumed training in anticipation of the opening of the month after next month, divided into yokohama stadium and the training facility of the armed forces in Yokosuka City.

The players used the lockers in the stadium at a distance, and also practiced thoroughly to prevent infection, such as wearing gloves.

During the practice, ramirez and his coach, who wore masks, watched over, and the players were sweating for about three hours, including catching, knocking, and tee batting.

Ramirez said, “I’m glad to see the motivation of the players close for the first time in a long time. From now on, we will be looking at the situation and conditions, but we have to do something close to the game.”

As for the prospect of fewer games this season, he said, “If the early stages are not good, it will be a season that will not be able to recover later. From the start, we have to show our strength, so we need to concentrate more.”