Connect ing directly between Android devices with Wi-Fi – Why can’t I ask you now?

Android OS 4.0 or later devices support “Wi-Fi Direct”, so you can connect two Android devices directly with Wi-Fi.

In general, when communicating over Wi-Fi, we use external devices such as routers with access point functions, but Wi-Fi Direct realizes the function of the access point in software. In other words, Android devices with Wi-Fi Direct enabled act as Wi-Fi access points, so you can communicate directly with Wi-Fi without having to install a router.

Wi-Fi Direct literally uses Wi-Fi networks, so compared to Bluetooth, which is also a wireless communication standard, it is much better at speed and has a wider range of communication. It can be said that it is a suitable connection method when you want to exchange a large number of photos, large movie files, etc. quickly.

When connecting your Android device with Wi-Fi Direct, open the screen on both devices in the order of “Settings” → “Network and Internet” → “Wi-Fi” → “Wi-Fi Settings”, and then open “Wi-Fi Direct” in the advanced settings. If you wait a while and the other party’s device name appears in the “Peer Device” column, if the other side agrees to “invite to connect” by tapping it, the Wi-Fi Direct setting is completed and connected.

Wi-Fi Direct-enabled apps are useful for file transfer. In a third-party app distributed on Google Play, you can install “Wi-Fi Direct+” on two Android devices and send files directly over Wi-Fi if you can detect each other’s presence. There are not many supported apps, but it is convenient to obtain if there are many opportunities to transfer large files.

High-speed wireless transmission is possible by connecting two Android devices with “Wi-Fi Direct”.