Dazai-yukari ryokan Corona affects the collapse of the building of cultural properties

Dazai-yukari ryokan Corona impact to demolish the building of cultural properties May 19 16:48

Founded in Taisho 10, a ryokan in Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture, which is said to have used the writer Osamu Dazai, was closed due to the effects of the new Coronavirus, and the building of registered tangible cultural properties was demolished.

The company decided to go out of business at Tamagawa Ryokan in the center of Funabashi City, which started its business as a restaurant in Taisho 10.

The ryokan has the “Main Building”, which was built in Showa 16, the “First Annex”, which was built in Showa 3 and was built in 23 years, and the Second Annex, which was built in Showa 8, and has become a registered tangible cultural property of the country.

According to the ryokan, it was reported that the writer Osamu Dazai, who lived nearby, used the “Sei-no-Ma” in the second annex, and many fans from japan and abroad visited the hotel to stay.

However, due to a series of cancellations of banquets due to the new Coronavirus, the building was demolished from next month.

“I have time to think about the new coronavirus, and i’ve been out of business. I’m relieved to be able to make a mistake, and i have mixed feelings, but I’m very grateful for what I’ve been able to use so far.”