J.League reopening date announced around 29

J.League Resumes On May 19, 20:09

The chairman of the Football League, Manu Murai, expressed his intention to announce the timing of the resumption of official matches, which have been suspended due to the effects of the new coronavirus, in light of the opinions of infectious disease experts at this month’s counter-measures meeting.
Chairman Murai held a press conference on the web after the board meeting of the League on Wednesday.

In this case, we have expressed our desire to announce the official game, which has been suspended since July due to the effects of the new coronavirus, by coordinating with each club, players, and other parties at a liaison meeting with professional baseball on The 22nd of this month, based on the opinions of infectious disease experts.

He also reopened the first major European league on 16 Th this month, and asked for more information about the german league, which is a precedent for the League, and said, “Makoto Hasebe, who is not on the bench, sat at intervals about five metres with other players in the audience. In the J.League, we were thinking of opening intervals on the bench and going to put another bench on the pitchside, so it was very impressive to see if we could do that.”

As for the games that were held without spectators, he said, “Football is like a comprehensive performing arts. I felt once again that the components such as banners, the voices of the fans, and clapping are not just for the players to play. There are many ways to resume because there are regional differences, but I wanted something that would support the hearts of the players from behind.”