“Misplaced” theft one after another damage concentrated near the stairs Kita-ku, Tokyo

“Misplaced” theft one after another Damage concentration near the stairs Tokyo Kita-ku May 19 17:00

As the use of “storage” to place delivery packages in front of the entrance is increasing due to the influence of the new coronavirus, there have been a series of thefts aimed at it. Sixteen other damage was confirmed in the apartment complex and surrounding area of Kita-ku, Tokyo, where the luggage of “storage” was stolen, and it was understood that many were one after another in the place where it was easy to escape near the stairs.
Last month, Tetsuya Takahashi, 46, was arrested by the Metropolitan Police on 14 Th, for stealing a cardboard box containing 114 pieces of clothing and other clothing placed in front of the entrance at a housing complex in Oji, Kita-ku, Tokyo.

He told investigators that he thought there would be money if he went there at this time of year, and the Metropolitan Police department is investigating the idea of targeting “storage” to place the delivery luggage in front of the entrance.

Subsequent investigations revealed that the stolen cardboard boxes had been abandoned in an empty area of the premises.

The Metropolitan Police are investigating the move to take away the luggage.

A place that’s easy to escape.

According to the Metropolitan Police, there have been 16 other cases of theft of “storage” luggage in this apartment complex and surrounding area.

When the Metropolitan Police investigated the damage in detail, they found that many of them were at a location near the stairs.

Since it was delivered, the metropolitan police are also investigating the connection, believing that it was stolen between 30 minutes and an hour after it was delivered.

Victim woman ‘scared to be stolen whole’

A woman in her 30s who lives in a housing complex in Oji, Kita-ku, Tokyo, reported the damage to the Metropolitan Police Department after a package of “leave” that she had asked a delivery agent to leave on the doorstep was stolen.

The woman said, “I was taken with frozen food, bread, strawberries, and all the other things. I was out at the time and came back and realized that there was no. It is supposed to have arrived, but it is nowhere to be found. I’m afraid that’s going to happen.”

Residents of the housing complex have been consulted by the Metropolitan Police for the damage that the “storage” luggage has been lost since March, and the housing complex’s self-governing body has distributed flyers to all households to call attention.

Kazuko Kaku, vice president of oji-to-chome housing association, said, “I think there are quite a few damage just because you haven’t come to consult with them yet. It’s not just the tip of the iceberg, but one person has been taken twice or three times over and over again. I feel embarrassed because it gives anxiety to the residents.”

On top of that, “There seem to be a lot of forms like taking each box and running away from the stairs. If you run away to the stairs with your luggage, you can hide it, or most of you will be damaged near the stairs.”

Current status and measures of “replacement”

“Storage” is a service that the courier puts the package and delivers to the place specified in advance such as the entrance.

Since the user does not have to receive luggage directly, it is used when the errand to go out though it is timespecified, and when it is not possible to receive luggage at work.

In addition, as the opportunity to shop on the Internet mail order site increases, it is also a courier side, you can reduce the re-delivery.

In addition, according to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, as the spread of the new coronavirus infection, “misplaced” is said to be able to reduce the risk of infection, and the use is increasing.

On the other hand, the challenge is the risk of theft.

In a survey conducted on the Internet by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, a survey conducted on the Internet of more than 900 people said that while 37% had used or wanted to use it, they had never used “leave” or did not want to use it.

Forty percent of those who said they didn’t want to use it said they were worried about why they would not be stolen.

According to the National Living Center, there has been a series of consultations on damage, such as the theft of products of leave that a man in his 30s asked for by an online mail order in the region.

It is needed to examine how to proceed with security measures for “replacement”, which is established as one of the new lifestyles that can reduce the risk of infection.

Forward Anti-Theft Measures

The service of “putting” which is spreading by the influence of the new coronavirus. Security goods are also being developed as a countermeasure against theft.

A venture company in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo has developed a special bag for “storage” luggage.

This bag can be fixed with a lock hanging on the doorknob etc. on the front door.

Wire is a material that is difficult to cut with common scissors.

The courier can put the package you carry in this bag at the door and lock it so that you can’t take it out.

The user can unlock the key and retrieve the luggage.

This bag can be folded compactly to about 13 centimeters and hung on doorknobs, but when it is spread out, it becomes 70 centimeters in length and 66 centimeters in width, and a big load can be put.

It is also made of polyester and is water-processed, so it is possible to protect your luggage from rain.

Tomoharu Uchiyama, president of the venture company, said, “Due to the new coronavirus, non-face-to-face contact is increasing and demand is increasing. Until now, “leave” was used when you were away, but i think that the usage will expand in the future, such as when you can’t let go even if you are at home. It’s simple, but I think there’s a deterrent, so I hope you’ll use it as a security for anti-theft.”

Experts discuss measures to establish

Yuji Yano, a professor at The University of Logistics and Economics, who is familiar with logistics issues, said, “There is a lot of attention in the movement to eliminate re-delivery and to avoid direct contact with the new coronavirus. It’s a good option, and it’s the current situation that is developing fast in this situation.”

He points out that it is important to discuss crime prevention measures in the near future, as “positioning” is becoming one of the new lifestyles that can reduce the risk of infection, with an eye on the long-term effects of the new coronavirus.

Prof. Yano said, “Once again, I would like you to review the place sit as a place to put it. If possible, I want you to make it to such a condition as to take the lock. When building an apartment, it is important to create a system for receiving home delivery, such as setting up a home delivery box properly or increasing the number of home delivery more than ever before.”