Preparation for reopening elementary school after release of declaration Corona impact in Edogawa-ku, Tokyo

Preparation for the reopening of elementary school after the release of the declaration May 19, Corona Impact, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo 16:36

As schools continue to be closed due to the new coronavirus, elementary schools in Edogawa-ku, Tokyo, are preparing to resume after the release of the Emergency Declaration, such as having them sit at school on school day and taking their seats away.

At Kasai Elementary School in Edogawa-ku, we set up school days for each school year from the first day of the school year, and then divide the classes into groups and divide the time to go to school.

The children went to school in masks, and as soon as they arrived at school, their hands were alcohol disinfection.

The classroom opened the windows and doors wide for ventilation, and the children sat in empty seats, right and left, according to the homeroom teacher’s instructions.

The children went to school since the opening ceremony last month, and in the fourth grade class, the homeroom teacher told them to write on paper what they wanted to do when school resumed, and the children wrote that they wanted to play tag in the schoolyard with all the students.

In addition, the 19th was distributed to children with lunch boxes cooked at the school, and the school also confirmed procedures for the resumption of school lunches, such as nutritionists checking the health of the cooks more than ever before.

The boy in the elementary school year said, “It is scissors that the class cannot be gathered together because of coronavirus. I’m at home now, but it’s more fun to talk to everyone at school.”

Masaaki Uchino, general manager of Kasai Elementary and Junior High School in Edogawa-ku, said, “I felt that there were many children who were not as energetic as at this time of year because they had been at home for a long time. I want to fully recognize that the children’s appearance is different from the usual year, and i want to focus on my wisdom to build a class and class situation.”

There is no problem in shortening summer vacation with air conditioning

In addition, edogawa-ku has already decided to shorten the summer vacation.

Because the classroom is equipped with air conditioning, it is said that it is not a problem to measure heat stroke in class, but i want to be careful such as calling for bringing a water bottle.

The boy in the fourth grade of elementary school said, “Summer vacation is decreasing, but I think it’s not necessary to have summer vacation because I spend a lot at home now.”

Uchino said, “Every year, there is a summer course at the cram school, so I don’t know what kind of issues will come out in the future, but I would like to make the most of the class days in August. We have to think about how we can catch up.”