Professional Baseball Hanshin Fujinami participated in pitching practice recovering from a Corona Virus infection

Professional Baseball Hanshin Fujinami Participated in pitching practice May 19 recovering from a Corona Virus infection 18:03

Shintaro Fujinami of Hanshin, a professional baseball player who was infected with the new coronavirus and had been practicing independently after leaving the hospital, participated in the pitcher’s practice that began on The Sun, and expressed his enthusiasm that he would like to improve his condition toward the start of the season because his body condition is perfect.
Fujinami pitcher sat down in late July to learn that he had been infected with the new coronavirus for the first time in professional baseball, and after leaving the hospital, he practiced independently at the baseball stadium.

Hanshin resumed practice at Koshien Stadium in the morning, and in the afternoon, he resumed practice by position with the fielder, and pitcher Fujinami also participated in the morning practice.

Fujinami pitched 65 pitches in the bullpen after he played catch while the leaders, including Coach Yano, watched.

Fujinami, who was a candidate for the opening rotation until the end of March after contracting with the new coronavirus, will continue to appeal for the season opener, which is expected to be in the middle of next month at the shortest possible time.

Fujinami said, “I was able to practice wearing a uniform after a long time, so I was happy to play baseball. The bullpen didn’t feel bad and I think the ball itself was running. I want to practice the technical part well in the condition of the body. I think it will be about a month until the start of the season, so I’d like to improve my condition.”