The organization commission to express the virus like an Olympic emblem demands that it be withdrawn.

The virus is expressed like an Olympic emblem, and the organization commission withdraws request May 19 at 18:27

The design, which represented the new coronavirus like an emblem of the Tokyo Olympics decorated with checkered patterns, was published on the cover of the Journal of the Japan Foreign Correspondents’ Association, and the Organizing Committee of the Games called for the infringement of copyright.
It was published in the bulletin of the Japan Foreign Correspondents Association, which is designed to combine the shape of “T” around the checkered pattern decorated with the emblem of the Tokyo Olympics, and is described as “COVID-19”, which exhibits infections of the new coronavirus. It is the cover of the April issue of the new coronavirus.

The Organizing Committee said, “It is truly regrettable that we have published a design associated with the emblem, which is a symbol of the convention, in the midst of a great deal of damage to human life and the economy around the world. It was also clear that it relied on the emblem, which also violated copyright rights under copyright law, and asked the association to withdraw it.

In response to an interview online On March 19, the organization’s public relations chief harshly criticized foreign reporters for “saying it’s a satire,” saying, “It lacks consideration for athletes around the world and is an act that denotes the integrity of the association.”

The organizing committee will consider future responses based on the responses of the association.

Social networking also has a variety of opinions

There are many opinions on this design.

In this, there are some positive opinions such as “it symbolizes the Olympics that were postponed by a pandemic” or “There is no particular discomfort as a caricature considering how it was postponed.”

On the other hand, there are some negative comments such as “Japan is working hard to hold the Olympics, and there is no design to reverse the feelings of the staff, athletes, and Japanese people who are struggling toward it”, and “it is extremely rude to the people who designed the original” and so on.