U.S. company ‘raises antibody value’ in clinical trial of Corona Virus vaccine

U.S. company “Antibody Value Rises” May 19 at 6:42

The American pharmaceutical company developing the new coronavirus vaccine announced on July 18 that the early results of clinical trials showed that the value of antibodies inthose had increased and “the possibility of prevention has been demonstrated.”
Modelna, an American pharmaceutical company, has been conducting clinical trials of the new coronavirus vaccine since March in collaboration with nih-U.S. National Institutes of Health.

Modelna announced on July 18 that as an early result of the first phase of clinical trials to verify the functioning and safety of the vaccine, the value of antibodies against the new coronavirus in the blood increased among those vaccinated.

According to the announcement, the value of certain antibodies that prevent the infection of the virus in people on the first day of vaccination has increased to the same extent or even higher than those who recovered after infection, “the possibility of prevention with our vaccine has been demonstrated.”

The first-stage clinical trial is targeted at 45 people between the ages of 18 and 55, but only eight of the results of the new antibody are presented, and the results of the entire clinical trial are awaiting release.

In addition, it has not been fully demonstrated in humans whether the infection of the new coronavirus can be prevented even if the value of the antibody rises, and because some people who have received the inoculation have symptoms such as fever and headache, the confirmation of actual effect and safety is also a future problem.

Modelna has already been approved to go to a phase-of-the-second clinical trial to verify the amount of vaccine she is vaccinating, and is expected to move on to the third phase of final lye to confirm its effectiveness and safety.