Children’s message broadcast on disaster prevention radio Chiba Tako-cho

Children’s Message Broadcast on Disaster Prevention Radio Chiba Tako-cho May 20 at 12:34 pm

In Tako-cho, Chiba Prefecture, where teachers sent messages through disaster prevention radios for children who are closed, this time, efforts to encourage the townspeople to broadcast the energetic voices that the children sent to them began.
Tako-cho broadcast a message from a teacher to children and students who have been closed due to the new coronavirus from last month, and was well received by the townspeople.

Since a special school day was set up once a week from this month, this time, we began our efforts to encourage the townspeople by singing messages to the children and broadcasting them.

At Nakamura Elementary School, a student said, “I eat a lot of rice, dance, and build physical strength that is not defeated by Coronavirus. We all want to do our best.”

Of these, Ayane Hagiwara said, “I’m sad that I couldn’t see everyone. I want to play with them in the schoolyard when school starts.”

The children’s messages were broadcast on disaster prevention radio twice a day, in turn, and Kazuya Himeoka, chief of the Takako Town Board of Education, said, “Even when it is difficult, we can convey the importance of working hard together, and the whole town will be brighter.”