How to fine-tune the volume of music you’re playing on your iPhone

The volume of music varies from song to album. One of the reasons is that the volume (recording level) at the time of recording is different, but by adjusting the volume at the time of playback, it becomes the optimum volume for the listener.

If you want to adjust the volume of music on your iPhone, press the two buttons on the side of the console or drag the control center slider. However, the buttons on the side can only be adjusted in 6-7 increments, so it’s quite difficult to settle down to “just the right” volume. Even with the Control Center slider, objective numbers don’t tell you what the adjusted position is for maximum volume.

If you want to know the volume of your music numerically, ask Siri for a shortcut. If you want to know what the current volume is at maximum, ask Siri what the current volume is. That way, they’ll say, “The current volume is 30%.”

If you want to specify a volume as a percentage, order Siri to “increase the volume by ○% (lower)”. Then, “Turn up the volume of the media ( lowers]” and then move the volume up and down. You can specify an absolute value, such as Volume ○○%. In addition, even if the volume adjustment is ordered in a finer unit than 1%, it is actually up and down 1% units.

If you omit the number such as “Raise the volume (lower)”, the volume will go up and down at a width of 10%. If you hold the word “a little” in your mouth, such as “raise the volume a little (lower it)”, the width of the top and bottom will be changed to 5%. Remember that “Turn Off The Sound” is muted (volume 0%), and “make a sound” in a muted state is around 20% volume (depending on the volume just before the mute).
Easy explanation of operating procedures

1 Side volume buttons and control panel sliders make it difficult to fine-tune the volume or control it with objective numbers.

2 You can adjust the volume by 1% by ordering Siri. You can also specify absolute values, such as “Volume ○○%”

3 “Turn up (lower volume)” can be adjusted by ±10″, “a little” in addition to ±5