I often see “Sign in with Apple” recently!? – Why can’t I hear it now?

Recently, i have more opportunities to see the “Sign in with Apple” screen in apps that require sign-in. As long as i read the explanation, the procedure sat quickly, privacy was protected, and it seems that there is no need to publish the email address. But why did it suddenly increase?

This “Sign in with Apple” is apple’s official user authentication system supported by iOS 13 and later. Apps that support this system can sign in and sign up to the app/service using Face ID or Touch ID without having to enter an email address (user ID) or password each time.

Apple ID is highly secure because it uses “two-factor authentication” that cannot be logged in without allowing it on other devices in addition to your email address and password. By providing development tools and making this authentication mechanism available to your app, you’re going to want to improve the security of the entire iOS app that needs to be signed in.

That’s why the number of supported apps is growing so fast that third-party apps that require sign-in are now required to sign in with Apple. The number of supported apps has increased since late 2019, as the inability to support the App Store may not be allowed to be distributed in the App Store.

The deadline for signing in with Apple was originally set at the end of April 2020, but was then extended to the end of June. Due to the spread of the new coronavirus and the impact on the economy, there are some uncertainties about the future, but apps that require sign-in will eventually be addressed. You’ll see more and more opportunities to see the Sign In with Apple screen in the future.

Why do I see Sign In with Apple recently?