Masataka Naita discharged from hospital for Corona Virus lissed “aiming to return to the field”

Masataka Naita discharged from the hospital “aiming to return to the field” Corona Virus infection May 20 17:43

Masataka Naita, a professional baseball commentator who was infected with the new coronavirus and was being treated in hospital, was discharged from the hospital on Sunday and released a comment saying, “I am looking forward to the opening of professional baseball and the return of cheers to the stadium.”
At the end of March, Mr. Rita was diagnosed with severe pneumonia and was admitted to a hospital in Osaka prefecture to confirm the infection of the new coronavirus.

Initially, he had difficulty breathing and needed to be in the intensive care unit and fitted a ventilator, but his condition improved and he was transferred to a general ward last month for treatment.

According to his office, Mr. Rita was discharged from the hospital earlier this month because he was negative during a test and recovered his physical strength.

Through his office, Mr. Naita said, “We are sorry for the inconvenience and concern to professional baseball officials and fans. Everyone’s warm cheers and presence are pushing my back for an early return. We are looking forward to the opening of professional baseball and the return of cheers to the stadium. I would like to contribute to society with a little help, with the respect and appreciation of the medical staff for their hard treatment.”

Mr. Rita is 66 years old. After retiring, he worked as a strong-shouldered catcher in professional baseball’s Kintetsu, and after retiring, he coached Kintetsu, Nippon Ham, and Rakuten. He is currently a professional baseball commentator for NHK.

Rakuten Miki Director “As Long as I’m Happy”

Coach Hajime Miki, who has been in charge of Rakuten since this season, said of Mr. Riita’s discharge, “I heard that it was hard for a while, so I’m happy. I’ve been teaching a lot of things, so I’m looking forward to seeing them in a healthy way.”

When Mr. Rieda was the coach at Nippon Ham, he played for one year as a player and three years as a coach on the same team.